Muscle Talent Scan

A non-invasive technique to estimate muscle fiber type distribution

Providing next level knowledge for athletes

Human muscles are composed of two different types of muscle fibers: fast-twitch fibers can generate bursts of great speed and power, while slow-twitch fibers have great endurance.

Your myotype, the distribution of these two muscle types, is different for everyone and largely genetically determined. Most of us have an equal mix of these two muscle types.

But some people are born to excel in explosive sports, while others are destined to beat long-distance records, and that talent is mostly pre-determined by their muscle fiber typology.

The Muscle Talent Scan is a fast, painless and non-invasive way to find out what your muscles are made of and how you can reach your full potential.

Find out what the
Muscle Talent Scan can do for you

Identify talent

define your talent and the sports discipline that best suits your muscle fiber typology

Personalize training

design the best individualized training to help you be the best you can be

Prevent injury

optimize your training and recovery cycles to prevent injury


unlike the muscle biopsy, this technique is non-invasive and completely painless'

No radiation

the Muscle Talent Scan involves an MRI scan of the legs, which creates a local magnetic field and is therefore harmless'


your muscle typology will be compared to world champions competing in your specific sport'


the technique is based on 10 years of intensive research at Ghent University (Belgium)'


a scan only takes 30 minutes all-in and a detailed report will be ready in less than 48 hours'

The relevance of muscle fiber typology in sports

This booklet is an illustrated guide, which depicts the scientific state-of-the-art about the relevance of muscle fiber typology in sports. Want to know more about why fiber types matter?

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For athletes

Is your body made for triathlon, or are you born to sprint? And what is the best way for you to train? The Muscle Talent Scan will help you be the best you can be.

Book a 30-min scan session in one of our accredited imaging centers (currently Ghent, Belgium or Sluis, The Netherlands) to discover your own myotype. You will receive a personalized report comparing your muscles to the big shots in your sport and discipline. Elite reference data for running, cycling, swimming, triathlon, speed skating, soccer, etc. are already available. The report also includes practical information to help you individualize your training approach for optimal results and minimal injury risk.

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For sports professionals

As a sports coach, performance trainer or physical therapist, you can have your athletes tested as a group. Your report displays your fast-twitch, intermediate and slow-twitch players/athletes in one view, allowing you to identify talent and personalize training and recovery cycles.

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Muscle Talent Scan to boost their athletes’ potential

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For radiologists

As a radiologist, you can offer the Muscle Talent Scan service in your accredited imaging center. We install the MR spectroscopy settings on your MRI scanner and train you on how to execute the scan.

After every MTS scan, you send the data and images to the Muscle Talent Scan team via our secure MTS platform for post-processing and data benchmarking. We then help you service the detailed MTS reports to sport clubs and athletes nearby.

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This method is based on more than 10 years of research and development at Ghent University

How does it work?
Non-invasive assessment of muscle fiber typology by proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy in elite athletes. derave, w. / Belgium


Prof. Wim Derave

Sport physiologist and inventor of Muscle Talent Scan

Dr. Eline Lievens

Sport scientist and technical expert